My little dog

Dogs are wonderful, and I am so very in love with my little one.


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Tomatoes, Eggplants and Peppers, Oh My!

I wanted to post a recipe with this painting, but I realized I don’t eat these vegetables very often because I don’t like them much. Beautiful to look at but not to eat, thank you very much!

I’ve been using a different type of paper, well it’s mat board actually, for recent paintings. I like the texture. It’s almost like canvas the way it soaks up the paint.

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It’s already been a week since my last post! I am bursting with ideas, and have started on a few but haven’t completed any illustrations yet that are ready to post. So instead of food art, I’ve got a collage to show you.  Whenever I’m uninspired, or not sure where to start, a quick collage gets me feeling creative and energized.

The collage and drawing are from a calendar I created for myself  last year after a fruitless search for a nice store-bought one. Since we are on the cusp of Memorial Day weekend, here is a May collage and a Shel Silverstein-inspired June drawing to celebrate the holiday!

Perhaps this next drawing could be considered food art- for the little birdy!

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Sometimes it’s fun to play with art materials without rhyme or reason. During the past spring, I began carving my own stamps. Here are some playful test prints.

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What I Ate Today

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Chili Peppers

I adore spicy, peppery food. Blame it on being born in San Antonio, TX and a mother who equally adores Tex-Mex. She makes a mean guacamole and her salsa rivals any I’ve ever had at a Mexican restaurant. Despite her Celtic British genes, that woman knows her way around chili peppers.  No joke.

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Non-Eats Art

It’s true; I actually do create artwork about objects and thoughts unrelated to food. This orchid though is just about pretty enough to eat.

For this painting, I wanted to play with a more fluid, watery look.  One of the many appeals of watercolor is its ability to create a range of textures. I can add salt to dry up bits of liquid and create a sandy look, or use minute amounts of water for a saturated deep color. It’s a joy to get to experiment with this medium! And as you might have noticed, watercolor is my preferred medium despite it being the only type of art material I’ve never had professional instruction. Perhaps that’s part of it’s appeal too!

Spring is here. The flowers are blooming! Irises are my mother’s favorite flower and the deep plums and brilliant violets of this orchid remind me of her irises.

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